Concrete vs Glass Steel Staircases


As mentioned in a recent, we company both manufacture and provide bespoke precast  staircases to match your job’s precise requirements.
Though those boast numerous advantages, such as brilliant sound insulation and being quick and simple to install, today the team is outlining how just  shapes up from steel in regards to Glass Steel Staircases.



Please see below for a four-point breakdown about cost, fire resistance, corrosion and sustainability:


Over time, the worth of glass and steel has fluctuated, whereas the price of purchasing precast concrete has largely remained steady. In attempting to always offer you reliable products at a reasonable outlay, we continue to ensure that their whole range of stair components and landings are competitively priced.

Fire resistance

Despite steel being inherently non-combustible, its strength could be massively reduced when it’s heated to elevated temperatures, leaving it needing to be wrapped in additional curricular materials to enhance security. Steel, on the other hand, owns the greatest fire-resistance classification (class AI) beneath EN 13501-1:2007- A1:2009, making staircase a secure bet.


When treated with care and properly constructed,  staircases will not corrode. This cannot be said for metal staircases as erosion can happen when they come in contact with water. Because of corrosion possibly affecting the security of a structure, this poses a huge safety concern for staircases.


Sustainability is one parameter where the two construction materials come out on top, with steel and being recyclable and causing minimal impact to the environment. The former can be crushed and used in future combinations, and approximately 90% of their time, the latter is now created from recycled steel.


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